Erica Girls' Primary School was founded in 1883 by a group of prominent Port Elizabethans to provide their daughters with superior primary school education. This vision has lived on through successive generations with outstanding educators who have headed and taught at the school. Erica Girls' is a leading primary school in Port Elizabeth, giving students the opportunity to have their choice of any high school in the Bay. By creating an environment where our learners are able to not only dream but achieve their goals, we are able to boast in the achievements of our current learners as well as our past Erica girls.

Today, in its magnificent school building on the hills overlooking Nelson Mandela Bay, Erica Girls' Primary School epitomizes a heritage of excellence. Our prestigious building is equipped with state of the art classrooms filled with the latest in teaching technology as well as a full resource library and computer lab to ensure that each learner has every opportunity to excel academically. Built around the tranquil gardens of the quadrangle, each Erica learner can walk the corridors with pride. 

Erica Girls’ Primary School is also well-known for both its Music and Art’s Departments as a passion for creativity is sparked in each learner. Our facilities also boast magnificent sports fields as well as a pool in which we teach all our girls to swim. All in all, Erica Girls' Primary School offers young girls of today the foundations they need to meet the requirements of life in our wonderful country.

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